What are public and private Clouds? Best Cloud Computing Services and Consultation

For example today we use almost everything online and majorly everything is on mobile applications, like – online banking, social networks, games, etc. and we don’t realize is that how much we are into it. Thus, this content will take you through a brief about cloud computing, it’s consultation and Implementation Services as well as the companies that are ruling the market in this zone.

Going by definition it is an information technology archetype that permits ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-level services that can be speedily provisioned with negligible management effort, frequently over the Internet. “The cloud” is all set of different types of hardware and software that work jointly to carry many facets of computing to the end-user as an online service. To give you an example of Cloud Computing is Google’s Gmail, where files and applications can be accessed by Google via the Internet from any device. So, there are public and private clouds that are used by people and service providers.

Technically there’s not much difference here, but a Public Cloud is based on the normal cloud computing framework which contains files, applications, storage and services available to the public via the internet. Gmail is the best example of a Public Cloud, whereas a Private Cloud comprises files, applications, storage and services that are instigated and protected within a company firewall, which is further under the control of a corporate IT department. For example, a Private Cloud would be an organization that uses Microsoft Exchange because Microsoft Exchange can only be retrieved by an authorized user through a secure VPN connection.

If you’re unsure about what Cloud Computing is, then perhaps you are reading the right article. Why we are saying this is because 95% of people who are currently using cloud computing If you’re unsure about what Cloud Computing services are not well known about the essence of cloud computing to the core..

What are some common Cloud services and companies?

There are many companies that are offering best cloud computing services and consultation that are hosted in the cloud like AT&T; hosted email such as Gmail, then companies like Google for cloud storage, then companies like Dropbox; and streaming music, offered by Spotify and etc. These applications, services, and files are safely stored in the cloud and can be retrieved by users via any device.

There is a wide range of companies and business verticals that use cloud computing such as Amazon and Google. There are many kinds of businesses like – Small, medium, and large and public and private who uses cloud computing to lessen technology acquisition costs.

Let’s have some examples:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

It is a secure cloud services platform, which offers compute power, database storage, content delivery and much other operational functionality to help the businesses scale and develop. Currently, there are millions of customers who are leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions to build urbane applications with improved flexibility, scalability and consistency.

The Google Cloud

It is a group of cloud platform with cloud computing tools for the businesses and developers to build and host web applications. It started with services such as the Google App Engine and then rapidly progressed to include many other tools and services. While the Google Cloud Platform initially met with a lot of criticism as it lacked the support for some key programming languages, but later it has added all the new features and support which made customers happy.

Microsoft Azure

it is cloud computing service which is created by Microsoft for building, deploying, testing, and managing applications and services which is completed as a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres. It offers software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and it also assists in other tools and frameworks, programming languages, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.

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