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IBU Consulting Private Limited, a leading IT resourcing consulting & services provider and one of the Best Consulting Company in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR, believes in delivering results, with client satisfaction and overall business success as our key goals. Our team consists of specialists who are passionate about what they do. Our consultants address your daily requirements to prosper in industry by applying industry expertise and a distinctive approach. We recognize the importance of genuine efforts, which is why we strive to go above and beyond in assisting, consulting, and providing cost-effective solutions and services to our clients all over the world which makes us the best consulting company in Delhi NCR. We use a right-shore delivery strategy, which is unique in and of itself, because we work closely with our clients/partners to provide one-stop solutions that ensure long-term success. Their business planning and operational strategies are supported by us.

We believe in providing results-oriented business solutions while maintaining a keen awareness of business growth and a thorough understanding of information technology. We are one of London’s most rapidly expanding information technology solution suppliers. To meet the needs of our clients, we have stretched our wings over the globe. We have always believed in the importance of corporate ethics and principles in commercial relationships.

We want to foster strong consulting relationships with corporations and government agencies by providing them with cutting-edge information technology solutions.

The process of IT recruitment Executive search is a time taking process and includes many steps like

Progress Monitoring

Prepare Induction Program

Process Deployment

Process Sustainability

Publish Selected Lists

Pros & Cons Factor Analysis

Planning Documentation

Process Template

As the best consulting company in Delhi NCR, the overall process assists us in gaining access to a broad database of prospects, allowing us to diversify our sourcing needs and providing access to updated profiles. As a Best placement consultancy in Gurgaon we follow the various pillars under technology spread namely:

  • Recruitment
  • Outsourcing
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Executive Search

The results of using the four pillars under technology spread allows IBU Consulting to maintain dedicated recruitment under IT recruitment, Quick turnaround, Retention planning and a channelized Return on Investment (ROI).

Why is IBU a Best Consulting Company in Gurgaon?

To be a Best Consulting Company in Gurgaon and as well as one of the best manpower consultancy in Delhi NCR, we follow the various stability pillars of services for our clients. The factors that led IBU Consulting Private Limited to be the best placement consultancy in Gurgaon are:

  • Optimized staffing based on scope and extent of work to be delivered.
  • Team structure driven in consultation with the client
  • Set-up, customization of processes/methodologies under guidance from the client’s IT and Business teams.
  • Majority of the functions (project management, resource management, risk management) jointly owned with appropriate control/ oversight from the client, and IBU consulting being the Strategic Partner.
  • Lowering the cost by leveraging IBU’s Consulting’s proven process.
  • IBU Consulting’s performance is measured in terms of SLA’s, milestones, turnaround, quality of resources etc.

The strengths of our services are completely based on these following heads. They are as follows:

  • Optimized Staffing
  • Planned Team Structure
  • Setting up of Processes and Methodologies
  • Resource management
  • Lowered Costs
  • Performance measured by metric scores

At IBU Consulting the core principles that made us the best IT recruitment and IT Staffing company are the principles of dedicated recruitment, quick turnaround, retention planning and return on investment. To optimize our core principle of dedicated recruitment, we have a team of dedicated experts in the recruitment cycle to meet the challenge of clients who find it difficult to dedicate specialists in the search process. To drive success, as a top 10 job consultancy in Gurgaon, we look forward to improving our pre-existing recruitment models to support the client’s success.

Employee retention, one of the essential aspects in any company’s success, is driven by a company’s ability to retain personnel for a long length of time. To match our requirements, the hiring process is aligned to retention of candidates as a primary goal. We look into lengthening the employees “life cycle” by taking ownership of candidates which ultimately allowed the company to reduce the cost of hiring and help generate revenue. Last but not the least, what separates US from others that directed our aspirations of becoming top job consultancy in Delhi NCR is our proven track record beating the industry standards 1 out of 10 in all operating locations worldwide.