Gufran Ahmad TA Partner

A globally-minded professional with Masters in Computer Applications and other skilled certifications which I’m thoroughly utilizing in my global working arena. A subject matter expert in Talent Acquisition who evaluates the talent from scratch till the performance achieved. My firm belief is to make every second count for good and smart work, which is the key to great talent and communication. The focal point to my success is a distinguishing ability for infusing life into operational processes, business development initiatives, and client service, that pushes fresh ideas to a higher level. The capacity works seamlessly with multicultural clients, management teams, business partners, and colleagues has established and opened fantastic opportunities whilst delivering results.

IBU Consulting comes up with results that are actually implementable. 

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“A fantastic organisation! Great cutomer support from beginning to end of the process. The team are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly”

AR. Jyoti Singh

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